The Road Back Program


Since 1999, The Road Back Program has continually tested new methods to assist with withdrawal side effects and side effects while taking a medication. We began testing the use of CBD oil (Hemp Oil) in 2017, and after observing the results and clinical studies demonstrating why CBD oil is effective, The Road Back Program now recommends CBD oil for a wide array of side effects.

When we mention CBD oil within our website we are ONLY referring to CBD oil that is THC FREE. THC is the active compound in hemp oil that has psychoactive properties. THC FREE hemp oil is legal in all 50 states of America, while the CBD oil with THC is not.

There are a couple types of hemp oil on the market. The CBD oil we mention on our site is call a Full Spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum CBD oil uses all parts of the hemp plant and that is what gives the amazing benefits of the hemp plant.

CBD oil has gained mainstream usage in 2018 but most of the sellers of CBD oil are still far from mainstream. You will not find us making health claims about CBD oil like 99% of the websites online. The F.D.A. will be closing those sites down soon. You will find those websites also mislabel their CBD oil and the F.D.A. will eventually remove those products as well.

We do have a CBD oil we sell and if you already use CBD oil you will definitely appreciate what we have done. If you are just reading about CBD oil you need to take our word.

Price - CBD oil has a very high price per bottle. Outrageous price actually. We have solved the price issue.


500mg per bottle

30 servings per bottle

26mg CBD oil per serving

Our price is $35 a bottle and that includes FREE shipping within the United States. We will not ship CBD oil outside of the U.S. at this time.

Our CBD oil is manufactured to the standards of the F.D.A. called cGMP and is manufactured in the United States in an F.D.A. registered facility. We are not aware of another CBD oil manufactured in this manner.

If you are doing The Road Back Program we are not aware of any reason you could not also take CBD oil. Of course check with your prescribing physician first. We are receiving an abundance of e-mails from people saying their physician instructed them to start taking CBD oil so don't be shy about asking your physician.

You can only purchase our CBD oil by mailing a check.


Banks in the United States view CBD oil as a high risk supplement and will not process credit card transactions yet. When the F.D.A. approved CBD oil to be used to treat seizures recently the Drug Enforcement Agency had to change the schedule or class of CBD oil which made CBD oil legal in all 50 states if the CBD oil is THC free. Banks have been slow to catch up with the new regulations.

The websites that accept credit cards for you CBD oil purchase are using a bank outside of the United States. We will not do that. Your privacy and your credit card information is important to you and to us. We would not want your information collected by a foreign country.

These foreign banks also charge a hefty fee to process the purchase and that is part of the reason these other CBD oil sellers must charge $70 for a CBD oil that is not as effective as our $35 bottle.

Send check payable to James Harper

Mail to:

James Harper

619 Ninth Street
PO Box 27
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