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Opiates (Pain Medication) Street Drugs and Alcohol Withdrawal

Opiates (pain medication), street drugs, and alcohol create many of the same problems in the brain while taking or when attempting to withdrawal.

The use of prescription drugs of all type now account for more use of an illegal substance than street drugs. Not all of you reading this web site are taking a drug illegally, but I want to clarify a commonly asked question before we begin.

Drugs do not have a cognitive thought processes. Drugs do not know if they are being taken as a prescription, prescribed by a physician, or if it was sold by the local drug dealer and used by a drug addict or occasional user. I state this because many seem to think that because a physician proscribed the drug it will somehow be different for them and the illegal drug user does not pay attention to the side effects because it was not prescribed by a physician.

You are currently on The Road Back Program web site, we are located in the United States, we have helped well over forty thousand individuals become drug free since 1999. With our breakthrough research in 2013, we are now able to truly help individuals that are taking an opiate, street drug and even alcohol get off those substances and return to a full life once again.

Our focus over the past 14-years has mainly been with psychoactive drugs, such as, benzodiazepines, antidepressants and anti-psychotic medications. Along the way we have helped countless of people off opiates of all type but it was not until our 2010 and 2013 breakthroughs that allowed us to put the needed attention on opiates, street drugs and alcohol.

Let's face it, with an 85% failure rate by drug Detox facilities, what is currently being used to help people off an these drugs is not working. Medical science may know more in 2013 about the brain, about all of the neurons firing and dopamine but with an 85% failure rate the wrong area has been addressed or the current withdrawal programs would have at the very least an 85% success rate.

We do not mean to belittle or make less of the hardworking and caring staff at Detox facilities; they are subjected to the withdrawal method put in place by the administration that has based their program on invalid science and financial gain, even though most are a not for profit. Otherwise, we would be seeing an 85% success rate at the very least.

Most people using a pain medication are also taking a psychoactive drug of some type. If you wish to taper off the psychoactive medication as well as a drug in this classification, you can click the How to Start link found on the top navigation menu.

If you do not wish to read about this program and why it works, but just want to dive in and start feeling better, go to the web site and purchase a supplement called Neuro Endure. Take 1 tablet first thing in the morning, 1 more tablet 5 hours later and a third tablet 5 hours later.

What is Happening in the Body When a Pain Medication, Street Drug and Alcohol is Used

These drugs will create a metabolic disorder. The metabolic changes will affect regions of the brain, the immune system, the nitric oxide/nitric oxide synthase cycle, liver metabolism rate and various other systems of the body.

Drug side effects as well as drug withdrawal side effects begin at the onset of the metabolic disturbances. The success rate of our program, as well as any withdrawal program will be determined by how effective the metabolic disturbances are addressed and how the individual reduces the drug during withdrawal.

We want to walk you through the metabolic changes that occur in the body when a drug is used but we need to start at a point before the drug was even introduced to the body to give the full sequence of events.

If you are using a legal prescription of a drug, some type of body injury or metabolic disruption would have occurred before the first dosage of the drug was given. The body will attempt to overcome the injury or metabolic changes by activating genes, enzymes, and proteins as a way to reduce the inflammation and stress, and help the body survive. There are various metabolic changes the body will go through during this time period but the main one we are interested in is the activation of a gene called JNK and enzymes produced by the JNK gene called JNK1, JNK2 and JNK3.

The work being done inside the cells are done by enzymes. Cells need to carry out chemical reactions quickly in order to function properly and the enzymes allow this to happen. Enzymes are made from amino acids. When enzymes are made, it is accomplished by stringing amino acids in an exact sequence for the purpose they are to provide within the cell.

Regarding the JNK enzymes, the JNK3 enzyme will go directly to the brain, heart and testes, the JNK2 enzyme has a pathway to the skin and the JNK 1 enzyme will affect all other parts of the body.

When an injury occurs to the body the JNK gene will become overactive and send the JNK enzyme to that injured area to kill the affected cells. In an ideal scenario the JNK would do its job and then reduce in activation and return to a normal state once again. However, when a chronic pain exist or an injury to a body part takes a prolonged period it heal, the JNK will remain active and indiscriminately begin to kill off healthy cells and keep activated other parts of the cell as a survival mechanism of the body.

An over activated JNK will also compromise the immune system. We have a protein in our immune system called Interleukin-2 that must remain high enough or the body will not reach stage 2 of sleep and sleep problems will begin to occur.

These drugs, including alcohol, activate the JNK regardless of an injury being present. So, the JNK has already been activated too some degree from the injury or pain and now the drug takes the JNK activation over the top. But this time, with the drug being used, the JNK3 enzyme is activated and this is the beginning of cell death in the brain. The frontal cortex to be exact.

From the first use of the drug, the JNK3 will be over expressed for 14-days. As long as the drug dosage is not reduced or increased, the JNK will move back toward a normal state after 14-days pass. If there is any titration of the drug, up or down after the initial dosage, the JNK will become over activated once again for 14-days.

When the tolerance (current dosage no longer provides relief) to the drug is reached the individual taking the drug will no longer receive the same effect and the dosage of the drug will need to be increased.

Studies have shown, if the individual taking the drug keeps the JNK from becoming over expressed they do not develop a tolerance to the drug and can remain at the same dosage. Additional studies need to be conducted to confirm the study but this gives hope for the patient and physician with some indication the tolerance to the drug can be reduced or eliminated.

When the drug is discontinued completely, the JNK remains over expressed for 28-days before it subsides and returns to a normal condition.

The over expression of the JNK is the basic point where other side effects of drug usage derive from. You can attempt to treat the immune system, respiratory system and other side effects but until you can keep the JNK reduced you do not have a chance of reducing the other side effects.

The supplement mentioned above, Neuro Endure, has the formula that will decrease the over activation of the JNK gene and JNK enzymes. Specifically, the JNK located in brain cells.

A few other interesting studies regarding the JNK gene and JNK enzyme and drugs:

Aberrant behavior associated with cocaine usage does not begin until the cocaine has activated the JNK gene.

Asians are missing a gene required for the metabolism of alcohol. Alcohol greatly expresses the JNK gene because of this and this is why alcohol greatly affects Asians more than other ethnicities.

The list goes on and on regarding opiates, street drugs and alcohol regarding the over activation of the JNK gene and JNK enzymes and their negative affect on the brain and then other parts of the body.

When taking the Neuro Endure, the tablet was formulated to breakdown within 30-minutes after swallowing.

Reducing Drugs

Reduce the pain medications by as close to 10% every 14-days to discontinue usage. This will have you off the drug in roughly 4 ½ months. Remember, this is not a speed race and the goal is to get you off the drug successfully and to have you feel well during the process.

If you are taking pain medication illegally, or street drugs, try and find a way to slowly reduce the drug. As close to 10% every 14-days if at all possible. If you can’t do this, be as close as you can to 10%.

If you have come off the drugs already, immediately start the Neuro Endure. The withdrawal should begin to subside within 3 days.

Alcohol – Alcohol would be easy to reduce by 10% every 14-days with it being a liquid. You would need to determine first; how much you drink each day on average, then drink 10% less every 14-days.

If at any time you have difficulty sleeping, you can include a supplement called Body Calm Supreme With Melatonin. It is also available at Neuro Genetic Solutions. Take 1 capsule 15-minutes before bedtime.