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In The United States Click Here (The Road Back is currently able to subsidize the cost of the supplements in the U.S. Enter the Discount Code word   discount   click Apply and you will see a new 30% discount. This discount will come off the manufactures already discounted price.)

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Where Supplements are Available

Neuro Genetic Solutions is the manufacturer of the supplements used with our program.  They are based in the United States.

The nutritional supplements used on The Road Back Program can be purchased in the United States, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, Ireland and Australia.

NOTE: The author of How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely, Jim Harper, has recently reformulated and changed the name of supplements used in this program.

The changes makes this program easier to use, follow and even improved the results.

You only need 3 supplements now, unless you are tapering an antidepressant.

JNK Formula Complete
Neuro Day
Neuro Night

If taking an antidepressant you would still need to Omega 3 Supreme TG.

This also lowers your overall cost

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United States and Canada  - Neuro Genetic Solutions Click here (Neuro Genetic Solutions has marked down all supplements for us and you dramatically.)

Europe, Ireland and Great Britain Click here

Australia and New Zealand Click here