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Benzodiazepines - Anti-Anxiety - Anticonvulsants - Sleep Medications

Neuro Endure and Neuro Endure Mini - July 2013, the Neuro Endure was introduced to The Road Back program for those taking antidepressants, antipsychotics or ADHD medication. It was felt the Neuro Endure would be too strong for those people taking a benzodiazepine. Even though the Neuro Endure was not recommended for benzodiazepines people on this type of drug began taking the Neuro Endure, e-mailing us for instructions on how to take the supplement and sharing their success once they started the Neuro Endure.

It became very apparent the Neuro Endure was very successful for those tapering off a benzodiazepine but they should only take 1/4 of a tablet of the Neuro Endure. People that were never able to reduce a benzodiazepine without massive side effects were now able to start tapering the drug and making it through the withdrawal and actually getting off the drug.

The Neuro Endure was made as the Neuro Endure Mini in September 2013, at exactly 1/4 the strength of the Neuro Endure. This allowed someone to just take a tablet and not try to cut the Neuro Endure down to a 1/4 amount so they could be exact with how much of the supplement they were taking each time.

The book, How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely, states to take 1 Neuro Endure Mini 3 times a day 5 hours apart. You should still start the Neuro Endure Mini in that manner.

  1. Take 1 tablet of the Neuro Endure Mini 3 times a day 5 hours apart.

  2. You can adjust the Neuro Endure Mini around to better accommodate the time of the day anxiety might return.